Window Control Module with Power Supply (WCM 1-8)

C Squared have developed the iSC™ range of intelligent temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors - the latest concept in intelligent sensor technology. Specifically designed to meet the HVAC control requirements of modern building systems that communicate using the open source BACnet protocol. We are also able to supply complete Building Management Systems (BMS) packages.

Window Control Module with Power Supply

The Window Control Module contains a 24V DC Power Supply and an iWAC module per Window Actuator that requires control via a 0/10 V positioning signal via a suitable controller/C Squared 0-10vdc Sensor Output. The WCM features an intelligent ‘self stroking’ operation and controls the 24v DC window actuator in steps to prevent noise disturbance to end users.

The Window Control Module allows only one to operate at a time This saves the expense and space in only needing a DC power supply rated for the largest actuator (maximum 3 Amp per controller) to be operated.

It also gives a smoother control operation to the Zone(s) controlled. The unit is supplied with Open/Close terminals, allowing for example fire override.

Functional description:

Interface enclosure/terminal box with terminals to interface between C Squared product and actuators, comprises:-

  • Sheet metal painted enclosure with screw lock/hinged door
  • 5 x pre-punched 20mm conduit entries 230/24 DC power supply (to power C Squared items, Belimo and window actuators)
  • Digital time switch
  • Pre-wired relay vfc to give time signal to C Squared devices
  • Dimensions 320 x 160 x 120

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