Temperature and CO2 Room Controller (CTC)

C Squared have developed the iSC™ range of intelligent temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors - the latest concept in intelligent sensor technology. Specifically designed to meet the HVAC control requirements of modern building systems that communicate using the open source BACnet protocol. We are also able to supply complete Building Management Systems (BMS) packages.

  • 24V DC supply voltage
  • High accuracy temperature and CO2 Sensor
  • Room Temp Set Point Adjustable 20°C to 27°C
  • Room CO2 Set Point Adjustable 900ppm to 1600ppm
  • 2-0/10v analogue outputs (10mA) one for Ventilation/Cooling and one for Heating.
  • Non dispersive infrared sensing technology
  • Wall mounted
  • Suitable for fan coil, zone control applications and natural ventilation control
  • Purpose designed and manufactured in the UK, an all-in-one unit
  • Unique space saving surface mounted design with pre-wireable base and plug-on fascia plate assists in easy installation
  • Energy saving power supply
  • Back box with BESA fixing holes designed to be fitted and wired prior to decoration
  • Designed with unique ventilation slots - increase airflow and sensing accuracy
  • Made from recycled white ABS material
  • Dimensions 90 x 110 x 36mm
  • Gas detected - Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • CO2 measuring range - 0 ~ 2,000ppm
  • CO2 measuring accuracy - +/- 30ppm or 5%
  • Sensing element - Non dispersive infrared detector
  • Temperature measuring range - 0 ~ 50°C
  • Temperature accuracy - 1% at 25°C
  • Power supply - 24vDC
  • Analogue outputs - Two 0/10v DC outputs(10mA) AO1 = Ventilation/Cooling, AO2 = Heating
Temperature and CO<sub>2</sub> Room Controller

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